Marketing Benefits of Translation for Your Niche Business

m88 distinguish your business from the rest by complementing an already unique product with effective translation that reaches the audience others fail to reach.

For this reason, consider the benefits of translating your website and other marketing materials into other languages. If your service occupies a market niche, others will travel from further afield, knowing you value their culture and language enough to talk in a language that makes sense. The avoidable spelling mistakes and grammatical errors of a bad translation can cost your reputation with the people you need to attract to your business. Is your business taking advantage of the opportunity?

Benefits of Quality Translation

But it’s not just about the product. In the state of California, 12.5 million residents say “Gracias” instead of “Thank you.” Wherever you are in North America, the world outside your window knows and uses over 300 world languages. When word gets out that your law firm provides translations for speakers of minority languages such as Hindi, Urdu, and Tagalog, members of local ethnic communities will seek out your services before competitors. Free automated translation tools can’t capture the nuances of grammar, syntax, and meaning that are essential to effective communication. Your English-only website might–with savvy marketing and a bit of luck–capture the attention of some English speakers, but who is talking to North America’s 26 million Spanish speakers, two million Chinese speakers, and almost one million speakers of Vietnamese? If you’re the only one in your field marketing online to a minority language group, you can guarantee their attention.

. It tells the customer you care and ensures they receive your message exactly as it was sent. It’s about the consumer. When you go the extra mile to communicate with your customers in the language they know, they feel respected. In Asia, poorly translated information for English tourists has been jocularly dubbed “Engrish”–and you can bet those mangled and often comical translations came from badly informed business owners fumbling their way through dictionaries and experimenting with barely adequate online translation tools.

Torontonians have a quarter of a million neighbours who speak Italian. It extends your business beyond the borders of your local community and further into your county, state, or province. If you have a product to offer in a community where 30 percent are Polish immigrants, you’ve lost almost a third of your potential customer base before you begin.

The benefits of translation come down to common sense–if you have a product to market in a city or neighbourhood where some or even most of the population speak a language other than English, you lose valuable customers by speaking in a language they don’t understand. Translate that notice in your store window into Polish, however, and instantly you’ve increased your audience by half, from two thirds to 100 percent.

On the other hand, quality translation provided by a professional service makes an impression. If potential clients see you pay attention to detail, you instil the trust and confidence that makes them want to use your services and purchase your products.

There are no shortcuts to quality translation. New Yorkers can hear as many as 170 different languages in the Big Apple. When you make the effort, your customers make the effort in return.

Benefits of Translation: Doing the Math

As the US and Canada continue to become more diverse, with a growing number of world languages adding colour to an increasingly multicultural society, translation will only become more important in business and commerce

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