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Online Gambling: A Growing Addiction

People love to bet on it. I got myself into this. The lining up the money, the handicapping of the game, the betting of the game, the watching of the game. Drawn in by the popularity of poker, half of all men in college are gambling on an monthly basis — even though betting on sports is illegal everywhere in the U.S. He served a year in prison and now works for a compulsive gambling helpline. The sharing of experiences with friends, family, like I’ve never seen before. By some estimates, $7 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl alone in casinos, online and with bookies.

If you or your loved ones has a gambling problem, help can be found at the National Council on Problem Gambling.

“I’ve heard other people compare it to a cocaine addiction, the high you get from that, and that’s the euphoria I felt,” he said. He credits a 12-step program to helping him overcome his problem, and he has not gambled in almost four years.

It is now high season for sports betting. The college bowl games this weekend lead to the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. I got to get myself out of it.

After 23 days on the run, Erickson turned himself in. These are things that I avoided my whole life, not choosing to be a part of, but today I cherish them.”

Three and a half years ago, Erickson accrued $400,000 in gambling debts. “It’s American, like apple pie. “The miracles I’ve experienced. That will always be there. As gambling on the Internet becomes more popular and more sites crop up, those numbers are expected to increase.

“I think it’s a devastating illness, it’s an illness that if it’s not treated, it will end up that the person’s whole lifestyle will be affected,” said Ed Looney, executive director of Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey.

“Life is great,” Erickson said.

“I became this person I didn’t know,” he said. “But I thought this must be what I have to do. Win or lose, it didn’t matter to me, it just set me up to bet again.”

Mark Erickson always craved a piece of the action — so the accountant from Phoenix started betting on sports over the Internet.

The problem is affecting younger people as well. People love to bet on their football games.”. Desperate, he began stealing from his clients. “It becomes an all-consuming activity. And when they caught on, he left his family and fled.

The situation became so dire, that Erickson contemplated killing himself. except Nevada.

‘A Devastating Illness’

Erickson is a compulsive gambler, a condition just as dangerous and debilitating as drug or alcohol addiction. He considered going to Mexico and if he couldn’t kill himself there, he’d pay someone else to do it, he said.

“Sports betting is the rock of Gibraltar,” Looney said. Then, it’s March Madness, where many participate in an office betting pool.

But soon, it spiraled out of control.

Nevertheless, the industry rakes in mind-boggling amounts of cash. There are an estimated 6 million people who deal with the problem in the United States more

Stossel: My political advice for 2016? Place your bets

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It was.

Polls reveal only a snapshot of current opinion. In 2011, Rick Perry led the polls for the GOP nomination with Trump-like 31 percent support. Betting odds at are the best predictor of who will win any election.

Polls are better, but not much.

The odds on the big unrestricted market in England,, are much more informative. Since you read this column, you are different from most voters. They’re not perfect, of course, but they’re better than everything else.

Pundits have a terrible track record. University of North Carolina researchers found that from 1868 to 1940, prediction markets “did a remarkable job forecasting elections.” More than $100 million was bet, sometimes exceeding the value of shares changing hands on Wall Street. Patrick Leahy and Orrin Hatch complained the m88 Hollywood stock exchange would lead to “speculation that is even more risky than the typical financial product.”

When a polling company reaches the rare person willing to talk to a stranger on the phone, chances are that person is not well-informed about politics. You think a lot about politics. That implies Trump has a 23 percent chance of winning the nomination.

Unfortunately, American politicians banned political prediction markets, with a few exceptions, like Presidential nominees are not yet taking up space in most people’s minds.

Right now, bettors know that Trump, even though he is ahead in polls, is unlikely to be the nominee. “Who do I support for the nomination? Uh, who’s running? I’m embarrassed! Oh, yes, Donald Trump!”

People think about food, sex, money, friends, jobs, success, family, health, religion, sports, fashion, video games, money, sex, food (I know I repeated those last three, but that’s where most people’s heads are). By October, Herman Cain was ahead. It shows the odds more clearly and will automatically update them every five minutes.

But the markets disappeared because America’s elites don’t like the idea of ordinary folks betting on important events.

Sadly, Hillary Clinton is a 95 percent favorite to win the Democratic nomination and has a 55 percent chance of becoming our next president. If Trump wins, everyone who owns that share gets $1. But when it was publicized, outraged Sens. But so what? In a free country, adults ought to be allowed to speculate.

Economist Robin Hanson says, “All our familiar financial institutions were once banned as illegal gambling. Sens. Yikes!

Prediction markets have a long track record. They picked Romney. Ron Wyden and Byron Dorgan held a news conference to say “encouraging people to bet on and make money from atrocities … Stock markets, commodity markets, insurance was banned.”

But people who bet knew better. European prediction markets are good at predicting Oscar winners, weather disasters, even “American Idol” winners. Ted Cruz comes in second. As I write, a share of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination effectively costs 23 cents. needs to be stopped immediately.”

. That’s because you are not normal. Likewise, bettors anticipated the Obama victory that many polls and pundits missed.

Think the odds are wrong? Put your money where your mouth is! You could win money.

John Stossel is the author of “No They Can’t! Why Government Fails — But Individuals Succeed.”  Stossel appears regularly on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network providing signature analysis. Marco Rubio is the favorite. Last election, Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris forecast a Romney “landslide.” Rush Limbaugh said, “All my thinking says Romney big. But candidates’ odds are somewhat off on that site because bettors may not trade more than $850 per candidate.

Want to know who the next president will be?

That’s dumb, because nothing is better at predicting the future. Most Americans don’t.

It might. Newspapers ran headlines like “Betting Odds on Roosevelt Rise to 7 to 1.”

Fortunately, American politicians don’t control the entire world, so I offer you the most accurate presidential race odds:         

Despite bettors’ good track record, few people know about the odds or how they’re created. It’s not even close.”

Don’t trust polls or pundits. … Trump and Jeb Bush are third and fourth.

That’s why the Department of Defense once asked Hanson to create a market to predict things like wars and terrorism. Betfair posts those odds in arcane gambling formulas, so producer Maxim Lott and I created the website By December, Newt Gingrich.

A few years later, politicians killed a prediction market that would merely have let people bet on the success of Hollywood films. Here’s how: computers average bets made on “prediction markets,” where traders buy and sell shares — like stocks — on each candidate

important source more

Why pro sports are rethinking bans on betting

“I don’t think this is so much baseball’s evolution on the issue as much as it’s a recognition of the reality that’s occurring.”

 Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said last week he was re-examining baseball’s ban on wagering, which dates back nearly a century to the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. Other sports leagues, however, remain leery about gambling

© 2017 CBS Interactive Inc..  

Several experts in sports law and economics believe wagering on sports will be legalized in coming years because team owners have no other choice, especially when the NFL — a TV ratings juggernaut — saw a drop in viewers this season.

Manfred didn’t disclose what options were being considered as part of the review, and an MLB spokesman wasn’t aware of any timetable for when a decision may be reached. A 2015 estimate from the American Gaming Association shows that $150 billion is illegally wagered annually at offshore casinos and local bookmakers, among other places. Gamblers wagered almost $5 billion just on last weekend’s Super Bowl.

In another twist, New Jersey is challenging restrictions on sports betting in the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in federal court. “Many were skeptical that New Jersey would ever be able to convince the Supreme Court to hear the case. And the National Hockey League has opposed efforts to legalize sports betting both in the U.S. solicitor general, who represents the government in cases before the court, to submit its position on the law and whether the high court should hear the case.

Slowly but surely, professional sports leagues are warming to the idea of fans gambling on their games, largely as a way to connect with them in a digital world that makes it increasingly hard to get their attention.

“The NCAA is at risk for corruption in a way that the NFL isn’t because the NFL is paying even their lowest-paid guys $450,000,” said Victor Matheson, a sports economist at the College of the Holy Cross, while college athletes don’t receive any monetary compensation.

“Sports betting happens,” Manfred said at a Yahoo Finance conference. If the court reviews the case, it’s probably more likely than not that the federal law will be invalidated on constitutional grounds, and that will open everything up.”

. The change, however, may be gradual.

But both leagues have plans to put franchises in Las Vegas and have partnerships with operators of daily m88 sportbook fantasy sports sites, as does MLB. National Basketball Association head Adam Silver embraced the idea of sports gambling in a New York Times op-ed in 2014. All Rights Reserved. “Whether it’s legalized here or not, it’s happening out there.”

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell noted during the recent Super Bowl that the nation’s most popular sport needs to “make sure that there’s a fine line between team-sports gambling and the NFL” to protect the integrity of the game. According to Wallach, the Supreme Court recently invited the U.S. That’s when mistreated Chicago White Sox players acted in cahoots with gamblers to purposely lose the World Series.

That was a usual move and indicates that the court is interested in taking the case, he said.

As Jodi Balsam, an associate professor at Brooklyn Law School, put it: “They’re confronting a new digital world order in which their reliable revenue streams may be shrinking.”

“That was a game-changer,” Wallach said. and Canada. 

The NCAA also remains opposed to sports betting because it “threatens both the integrity of the game and the well-being of student-athletes,” according to spokeswoman Emily James. At the time, Manfred expressed support for Silver’s column.

Sports gambling is illegal in most states, though the prohibition is widely ignored. … An NFL spokesman declined to comment beyond Goodell’s statement, and a spokesman for the NHL couldn’t be reached.

“Baseball has been largely silent on the issue since then,” said Daniel Wallach, a sports law expert at the Florida law firm Becker & Poliakoff more

Horse Racing Betting Strategies and Tips

At this point, some people like to spend some time on the paddock to see the horses being walked from the stable to the track, as it adds to the horse racing experience and occasionally one might notice something about a horse that influences the way they bet, such as a horse that appears sluggish or one that seems like it is in exceptional shape.

While there are a variety of bets, the following are the most common bets, and are more than enough for beginners. To keep things fun and not risk too much money, most beginners make $2 bets.

Once you have taken the time to look over the racing program and the professionals’ advice, it is time to start figuring out which bets you would like to place for the upcoming race. Across The Board Bet) – Bets on the first, second, and third place finishers; each act as a separate bet.

Exacta Bet – A bet on the exact first and second place finishers in exact order.

Place Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will come in second (a place bet is also a winning bet if the horse you chose comes in first).

Daily Double Bet – A bet on the first place finishers in two consecutive races.

The following is the correct way to place a bet with a betting clerk:

To place a $2 Win bet on horse number 7, you would say, “<Track Name>, $2 to Win on Number 7″.

Box Bet – Any of the above bets can be boxed for an additional wager. The point is to have fun, not to go home without money you need to pay your bills. For example, instead of paying $2 for an Exacta bet that requires the horses to finish in an exact first and second place order, you can pay $4 for an Exacta Box bet, and you will win the Exacta bet regardless of which of the two horses comes in first.. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Show Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will come in third (a show bet is also a winning bet if the horse you chose comes in fun88 thai first or second).

Win Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will win the race.

Trifecta Bet – A bet on the exact first, second, and third place finishers in exact order.

The reason why you need to start out with the <Track Name> is because you can bet on horse races at many tracks from the horse track you are currently at, so you need to specify the track to the betting clerk.

To place a $2 Exacta Box bet on horse 2 and 5, you would say, “<Track Name>, $2 Exacta Box on Numbers 2 and 5″ (keep in mind that this is actually a $4 bet since you are boxing the bet).

Win, Place, and Show Bet (a.k.a more

Tyson Foods To Reach Moms Through Bull Riding Advertising

“The name of the game is incremental sales at retail,” he said. According to market research commissioned by PBR, some 25 million fans follow bull riding. Lauderdale, sees the PBR-Tyson matchup as a marriage made in heaven. Of those, 5.5 million attend in person and exactly half of those attendees are women.

There are?


Of the attendees, 63 percent are between the ages of 25 and 54, according to the PRCA, which sounds an awful lot like mom-country.

Tyson Foods has found a novel way to reach America’s moms: through bull riding.

Meaning: Even if mom couldn’t give a hoof about bull riding, her son or husband might, and, to keep that influencer happy, she might buy him Tyson.

The company has agreed to be a sponsor of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) championships later this month in Las Vegas, including a bull-riding fan expo at Mandalay Bay Resort.

Becher explained why the link-up makes sense, whether or not mom is bull-crazy. This is not a rodeo. Asked what might be the appeal of bull riding to women, let alone moms, Denise Abbott, a spokesman for PBR, noted that PBR’s market research didn’t ask fans, male or female, why they like the sport.

Sara Muirheid, director of sales, marketing and broadcast properties for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), has numbers that back up PBR’s: Rodeos have a fan base of 31 million, she said.

“It’s funny,” Muirheid told ABC News. Of those, 43 percent are women. “Our TV ratings are skewing higher on the female side.”

Yes, but how about for non-tough-guy moms?

“Mom and her family are the focal point of our Tyson-branded advertising, messaging and product innovation,” Tyson spokesman Worth Sparkman said in a statement, “and there are a lot of moms who watch PBR events.”

Turns out he’s right. We don’t rope calves, and we don’t chase barrels. Campbell TV commercials showcase moms of famous players.

Scott Becher, an expert on sports sponsorship and managing director of Z Sports and Entertainment, a division of Zimmerman Advertising in Ft. “Tough-guy food for a tough-guy sport,” he called it.

PBR’s own description of bull riding begins, “Buckle up. This is bull riding, and the first rule is just to stay alive.”

CAMPBELL SUED OVER HEART-HEALTHY LABEL. “To maximize sales, you want to connect with both the purchaser as well as the purchase-influencer.”

Through bull riding, Tyson said it hopes to reach moms much the same way Campbell Soup has reached them through Campbell’s partnership with the National Football League more

Top 10 Reasons Why MLB Sucks

Maybe its boring, maybe there are no role models, maybe they have no place to play? For whatever reason there has been a lost link, and it shows. To me that is a player that should get to stay wherever he wants, and the MLB market should be to a point that some salary could be eatin’ by the Reds to ensure the Hall of Famer goes out exactly as he wanted to go. Baseball has a unique dynamic that is referred to as chemistry, and it isn’t for sale!

#4 Free Agency and the Death of the Franchise Player

Free agency is a curse! This has destroyed the franchise player.

#7 No Parity in the League

Parity is defined as:equality, as in amount, status, or character. Ole’ George will do whatever it takes to win because he loses so grasiously. The already thin pitching talent being spread across the league to play in empty stadiums. Even the struggling Reds lost Ken Griffey Jr., no he is not a franchise player for Cincinnati. Pitching is relatively the same. The head of the Yankee player monopoly will pout until he wins another World Series. With no salary cap Major League Baseball has let a whiny bunch of babies be the face of the organization.

#9 Too Many Tampered Seasons

This blemish dates all the way back to the Sox throwing the World Series. Hitters have developed, even without the use of human growth hormones, the art of hitting a round ball with a round stick squarely has become a science. The free agent market paired with large market clubs will snuff out any such chances of restoring that to baseball. It let’s good hitter loose empasis on defense, and it takes away from the original nature of the game. This is the shoot’em up Nintendo generation here that we are trying to interest in our beloved sport. Or heaven forbid, my favorite argument, a picher that might be able to hit (Babe Ruth ring a bell). He is the anti-christ of the purist movement. The double switch, the bunt, and the art of the pitcher moving a runner over. And the small teams get hit the hardest..these teams survive by calling up the next great hope from AA or AAA to fill a gap. Maybe the other 9 reasons the MLB sucks has something to do with it!. Now we have records that are going to have undeniable question marks beside them. You can find it the dictionary, but don’t look for it MLB clubhouses. Here are my top reasons why…

#3 George Steinbrenner

Don’t get me started on this figure. I love the game. I like the commentary, but it isn’t exciting television. League expansion is a cluster of uncanny proportions. This is what happens without a salary cap. I am a teacher of the game at many different levels. There isn’t a whole lot more coaches can do to teach players to throw 100 mph. There are fewer African-American playing the game of baseball today then in the 70′s. Granted there are some hard nosed athletes which could be considered baseball purist still around, but the Mark Graces of the World are few and far between.

#6 Pitching

Now that Nolan and the Goose have hung up their cleats who is left to make these lumber lugging neanderthals look retarded at the plate. They give the poor kid a cap and a prayer and send him out there to compete. They also forgot that it took away some fundamental aspects of managing. Where did these types of pitchers go? The intimidators, not on roids –I might add –where are they in the league. Baseball hasn’t been able to appeal to elite African-American atheletes. The small market teams will never hold onto a franchise player, and this hurts the fanbase. At least Jeff Gordon’s helmet size didn’t grow two sizes in a single season.

Counting Down the Downfall of Baseball

I am a baseball fan first and foremost. These types of players survive their MLB bootcamp with Kansas City or the Reds and then after those teams can no longer afford them they have them well groomed for the “big money franchises.” The rich get richer, the poor keep calling up rookies!

#10-The players are overpaid. But without a doubt he wanted to be a Red, even though they were horrible. The purity of the sport is not represented at the Major League level. The problems are many for this little pickle the MLB has put itself in. Too many prospects are being forced up too early. It’s a joke that MLB pulled in order to do away with having pitchers go to the plate and flail out the ball in crucial parts of the game. Your best 9 against my best 9, everybody hits!

#1 Loss of the Inner City Development

Just when you thought I had nothing intelligent to say: The main reason that Major League Baseball is below average is because the inner cities do not produce baseball players like they have in the past. MLB has been slow to move on this, but some initiatives are starting to funnel money back into developing solid inner city youth baseball programs. He has publicity stunts that take the focus off the game, and puts on a show for our young adoring fans about the urgency to win, and gives them a seminar on the art of whining about losing.

#5 Boring Commentary

The T.V.

#8 No Salary Cap

This is a problem. But somewhere between being a kid that loves the game and being an adult who gets paid to play the game a transformation happens. He put up Hall of Fame numbers while in Seattle. Spice it up a little bit, if Golf can up their ratings due to Tiger and a few dicy commentators..what is MLB or the broadcast networks doing to change it up?

It all goes to say, baseball has lost the interest of more

What They Are, How to Read Them and What to Do With Them by Ed Bagley

2. Georgia Tech was rated No. Instead, it rewards teams that do well against good opponents.

For those who wager, it may be helpful to put some science on your side when you wager, and one of the best places to do that is with the Sagarin College Football Ratings.

While betting on sports is only legal in a few places in the United States, such as Las Vegas, millions of office workers are involved in sports pools every week now that the football season has arrived.

2) Michigan State, another short end of the stick team for far too long, was rated No. The Irish failed to score a touchdown for the first time ever in their home opener.

USA Today, the largest circulation newspaper in the United States, is the nation’s daily newspaper and carries the Sagarin College Football Ratings. 36 after steamrolling over UAB 55-18 in its home opener.

5) Notre Dame, beaten badly (33-3) by Georgia Tech, was rated No. 57 after the loss. 143 after its opening loss) and Buffalo (ranked No. Ursinus is not a planet but a real liberal arts college in Pennsylvania.

A diminishing-returns principle exists to prevent teams from building up ratings by running up large victory margins against weak teams. 242 La Salle Explorers. The worst-rated AA school is the No. Following its horrendous loss, Michigan ended up being ranked No. 40 by Sagarin.

If there is a way for the NCAA to assert its superior power, it does so by making everything more difficult and confusing, similar to your United States government and its IRS tax code which could reduce a sane person to tears just reading it.

Folks in the gaming business know that more than a billion dollars is wagered on every Monday Night Football game during the season. . The Explorers next job will be to actually win a game. 41 by Sagarin following its 23-3 home victory over Virginia.

6) Temple (ranked No. 145 after its opening loss) face off in week two. 174 (56 AA teams are rated better), and their play reflects their rating. For Sagarin ratings and more detailed information go to:

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

Ursinus College is not a Division 1 school (which includes the 242 teams with La Salle), not a Division II team (which includes another 157 teams), but a Division III team. 38 following its upset of mighty Michigan 34-32 on Michigan’s home field. 31 after hammering Syracuse 42-14 in its home opener.

Only Division I (both A and AA) are counted for rating and schedule strength during the season.

3) Appalachian State, a AA school, was rated No. La Salle is a Catholic university located in Philadelphia.

The first job for La Salle this year will be to score a touchdown, or any points, including a field goal or touchback. The win was the biggest upset in college football history as no AA team had ever beaten a ranked team.

The Sagarin College Football Ratings: What They Are, How to Read Them and What to Do With Them

 by: Ed Bagley

Created by Jeff Sagarin, a 1970 MIT mathematics graduate, these computer ratings are for Division I-A (what the NCAA now calls the Football Bowl (FB) Subdivision) and Division I-AA (what the NCAA now calls the Football Championship (FC) Subdivision) teams.

You will have to forgive the NCAA for taking titles that have been used for years and are perfectly clear, then renaming them and creating confusion in the process.

La Salle lost its home opener to Ursinus 28-0. A hypothetical victory margin is determined by comparing the rating of the two teams after adding 2.93 points to the home team. 5 by both the AP Poll and Coaches Poll going into the game. The worst-rated A school is Florida International at No. Both teams are among the 7 worst Division I-A teams in the country, joining Louisiana-Monroe, Rice, Duke, Utah State and Florida International.

7) A total of 242 teams, 119 A schools and 123 AA schools, make up the Sagarin College Football Ratings. Good luck, La Salle, and God speed.

When you know that more than $700 million can be bet on one game–the Super Bowl–in only Las Vegas, then you understand that billions were bet illegally on the Super Bowl last year in the United States and in offshore sports books around the world.

The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) does not factor in scoring margin. The ratings are updated following each week’s games and published in USA Today on Wednesdays.

Michigan was ranked No. The home edge will vary during the season.

4) Wyoming, a small school and never among the nation’s top teams, was ranked No. Now you can better understand why La Salle College is ranked last among 242 Division I schools.

Following the first week of college football action, here are some facts that interested me about Sagarin’s first-week ratings:

Anyway, the Sagarin rating is a numerical measure of a team’s strength.

1) Washington, one of the poor to mediocre teams in the country the last several years, was rated No more

Negative Effects of Gambling

The effect is similar to that of having a drug or a drink, which is why gambling changes one’s mental state and mood.

Gambling = Thoughtless Expenditure + Waste of Time

? Gambling can lead to criminal activities. Because of this, they land in worse situations and take the wrong decisions in life.

? People continue gambling with the greed of winning money. The addiction robs a gambler of all the productive time and leads to loss of efficiency at work. ? Gambling at the cost of one’s job results in a decline in the quality of his professional life. To add to the so-called merry atmosphere, gamblers often smoke or drink while playing.

? The addiction to gambling can leave one in bankruptcy. It causes a decline in his/her work performance, thus hampering his career.

? Gambling has proven to be addictive. A recreational activity is supposed to be refreshing and relaxing, but something like gambling is contrary to the very purpose of recreation. According to the National Research Council, 10 to 17% of the children of problem gamblers have been abused and so have 25 to 50% of the partners of problems gamblers.

? Apart from absence at work and drop in efficiency, a common observation is that gamblers tend to steal money and engage in fraudulent behavior to recover from financial losses incurred when gambling, or to get more money to bet.

? They start borrowing money and take secret loans. Some go that way to forget the sorrow of losing big sums when gambling.

? According to a study by the George State University, 50% of the problem gamblers commit crime. When they lose the money they had risked, they further gamble to recover the lost amount and it becomes a vicious circle even they can’t escape from.

Gambling refers to the betting of money on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the intent of winning additional wealth. It only leads to a thoughtless expenditure of money and valuables.

? Children of parents who are problem gamblers or gambling addicts tend to feel abandoned and angry, further increasing stress and leading to strained family relations.

? Similar to how an individual keeps consuming substances like drugs or alcohol to experience an altered mental state, he continues to gamble. Thus, gambling can have a grave economic impact which is difficult to reverse.. Their debt keeps building and it may reach an amount that exceeds their capacity to repay.

? Research has shown that gambling can lead to harmful behavior in people. The greed never ends and they keep betting more and more. They engage in gambling activities at the cost of their time with family and friends. A study by the same university suggested that 73% of the individuals who are imprisoned are found to be problem gamblers.

? Gamblers often exhibit mood swings and a strangely secretive behavior. Betting is a mentally taxing activity, and as one goes on risking more and more money, anxiety starts building.

Compulsive gambling leads to bankruptcy

? Over time, the practice of gambling starts becoming a habit and begins to have damaging effects at psychological, physical, and social levels. Their mental state can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

? The stress from gambling may lead to health issues like ulcers, stomach problems, muscle pains, headaches, and problems with sleep.

? A majority of those addicted to gambling have substance abuse disorders.

? According to a research by NCPG, 76 percent of problem gamblers are likely to have a major depressive disorder.

? Addiction to gambling has been linked with substance abuse. On giving a serious consideration to the negative effects of gambling, we realize that it is best avoided.

? According to the University of New York, in people with alcohol use disorders, the chances of developing an addiction to gambling are 23 times higher.

? Problem gamblers and addicts tend to abuse their family members. They tend to stay away from their near ones, resulting in distrust between them and their loved ones.

Mental and physical health problems, financial issues, and conflicts in the family are among the common negative effects of gambling. The addiction has negative effects on one’s physical and mental health and it proves to be detrimental to one’s social, personal, and professional life. Six to eight million people in America are estimated to have a gambling problem.

? As gambling leads to increased criminal activities, in a way, gamblers add to the burden on prisons and the legal system.

? Gambling is practiced as a means of recreation. Thus, gambling practices cause a huge financial burden on the families of the affected and on the society at large.

Initially, one looks at gambling as a way to run away from life’s problems, or from stress, anger, and loneliness. It can drag you into crime, gambling isn’t fun.

Games offered in casinos, table games like poker, Red Dog, and Blackjack, as also electronic games like Slot Machine and Video Poker are some of the common types of gambling. The addiction leads people to continue with gambling irrespective of whether they earn or lose in the deal. Addiction to gambling, coupled with substance abuse can make the gamblers physically abusive towards their family. In the following sections of this Buzzle article, we discuss the negative effects of gambling on the individual and society.

? People who fall prey to gambling tend to remain away from their families and waste money on other bad practices. The stress of risking huge amounts of money or the frustration after losing it can increase the tendency of abuse in gamblers. The two go hand in hand. Sports betting and arbitrage betting are the other types. The decision to gamble money is based on three parameters namely; how much to bet, the predictability of the event, and the conditions agreed upon, between the gamblers. In spite of the losses incurred, they continue betting. Over time, it becomes a habit, and eventually more

Weird News, Odd News, Funny News Stories

 . | Video

A 49-year-old Oklahoma woman has been charged with first-degree murder on suspicion of killing her daughter whom she thought was possessed by the devil by jamming a crucifix down her throat and beating her, court records released on Tuesday showed.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is going up for auction, with profits from the sale going to an immigrant support group. Sep 05 2016

Sep 01 2016

LONDON Flames once again licked the historic buildings of Britain’s capital as a wooden replica of 17th century London went up in smoke to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

A life-sized nude statue of U.S. A curious radio signal picked up by a Russian telescope is probably not a transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization, but astronomers in California are taking a second look anyway, the SETI Institute said on Tuesday.

WELLINGTON Some New Zealand fans of the smartphone game Pokemon Go caught more than they bargained for when they grabbed a thief who broke into a car and held him until police arrived more